29 September 2015

Teaching schedule

New term started Mon, 28 Sep 2015

SOES3010/6005: Large Scale Ocean Processes

This module meets

  • Thursdays 1-3pm in Lab T (6th floor, near node 6) for Tutorials

  • Fridays 9-11am in Lab T for Lectures

This first week will have a slightly different pattern, so please show up Thursday ready for class. The last class before Christmas will be Dec 11, and there is class Jan 7 and 8.

Note: There are no class meetings in week 6 (so nothing on Nov 5th or Nov 6th) due to Boat Week for the MSc students.

There are also two computer lab sessions: Tuesday Oct 20 at 2-3pm, and Tuesday Nov 10 at 2-3pm in the ground floor computer lab at NOCS: 121-02. These are help sessions for a computer practical that is to be completed on your own time. (More information to come.)

If you are a PhD student and would like to sit in on the class, please e-mail me your username (e.g., mine is eefw1u08) and I’ll add you to the Blackboard course as a guest.

SOES2025: Methods in Oceanography

This module meets

  • Fridays 11am-1pm in the Charnock Lecture Theatre

  • Additional practicals to include GIS, Matlab, processing SeaBird CTD data, and more. Please check your individual timetable for meeting times.

I teach on remote sensing during weeks 8, 9, 10 and 15, and on Matlab in weeks 4, 5, 7, 11 and 15.