17 May 2017

Autosub Long Range

We took Boaty McBoatface (ALR-1) with us to the Orkney Passage for Boaty's maiden voyage. Here are a collection of blog posts, videos and animations about the adventure.

Boaty’s adventures in the Southern Ocean

Photos and Videos

Photo highlights of the Autosub Long Range deployments are here: /galleries/autosub/

Here is a compilation video of Boaty McBoatface highlights from Povl Abrahamsen:


Note: Resolution improves if you pop it out/full screen the video.

As a side project during the DynOPO cruise, I worked on coding an animation of Boaty McBoatface in Matlab along with the MARS/Autosub engineer, Rob Templeton. If you’re curious about creating 3-d visualisations of (radially-symmetric) objects in Matlab, here’s an example (embedded from Vimeo):

Building boaty

Building Boaty using Matlab from Eleanor Frajka-Williams on Vimeo.

Fly-through style animation

Boaty McBoatface M44 in Orkney Passage from Eleanor Frajka-Williams on Vimeo.