31 January 2018

EGU GeoTalk blog

Eleanor was profiled in the GeoTalk blog of the European Geophysical Union, as the 2017 awardee of the Ocean Sciences Devision Outstanding Early Career Scientist.

Geotalk is a regular feature highlighting early career researchers and their work. Following the EGU General Assembly, we spoke to Eleanor Frajka-Williams, the 2017 Ocean Sciences Division Outstanding Early Career Scientists awardee. In her work, Eleanor uses real-world measurements – from ships, satellites, sea gliders and moorings – to understand how the world’s oceans work. In today’s interview we talk to her a little more about why the oceans are so fundamental to our planet’s health and some of the lesson’s she’s picked up while her career has developed.

Read the post here: GeoTalk feature: Eleanor Frajka-Williams.