Influence of Greenland and Arctic freshwater on the AMOC

Frajka-Williams, E. and Bamber, J. and Vage, K.

abstract: Paleoclimate records have shown that at the end of the last ice age, an enormous glacial lake over North America released freshwater and ice into the North Atlantic. This resulted in an abrupt climate change observable in temperature proxies which was associated with the shutdown of the ocean meridional overturning circulation (MOC). Recent observations of the MOC in the subtropical North Atlantic have shown it to be highly variable, on timescales of days to years, with an overall reducing trend over a decade of observations. Over the same time period, melting from Greenland (and the Arctic) has been increasing, resulting in freshwater input to the northern North Atlantic at rates not seen for several decades. Here, we examine the evidence for present day melting from the Greenland ice sheet influencing the large scale ocean circulation.

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