UoS Ocean Dynamics and Mixing

Welcome to the Ocean Dynamics and Mixing group at the University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre. Our group uses novel ocean observations and technologies to investigate the dynamical processes shaping the ocean circulation and its role in the climate system.
On this website, you will find an overview of our research, an introduction to the members of our group, recent publications, and additional links that you may find interesting or fun.
Alberto Naveira Garabato is a professor of physical oceanography at the University of Southampton.

Eleanor Frajka-Williams is a principal research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre.


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Ocean Dynamics and Mixing

24 June 2019

Boaty McBoatface resurfaces

Our PNAS article on the DynOPO results has been published - and with it came a lot of media attention for Boaty McBoatface. Read More ›

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